Larry Shaffer

Larry Shaffer – I’m in my late fifties, married for 35 years, two daughters and two grandsons. I’m not in vocational ministry. I’m a business executive and have worked for a national human resources company for 19 years. I was blessed to be saved at a young age when my mom shared the gospel with me and further blessed because God gave me a strong love for His Word as a teenager. That led me to Bible college and into youth ministry through my 20s. At 32 years old I transitioned into the business world where I struggled and failed for many years but eventually got my stride and have overall done very well.  The blessings of God have been evident in my life.

There are two men who have had significant impact on my spiritual life. First is John MacArthur, Pastor and Bible teacher. I’ve been following his expositional Bible teaching in books and audio since high school. I’ve met him several times but don’t know him personally. The other is Jeff Wells, my pastor for over 15 years now. I know him personally. He’s the real deal. He is a unique blend of humility and power. He challenged me several years ago to spend dedicated time with God EVERY DAY! I have always loved Bible study and prayer but would do it periodically, usually Saturday morning, when I had time. I told Jeff I just couldn’t do it every day. I told him I had a full time job with a lot of responsibility plus a 55 minute commute each way and family responsibilities. He wouldn’t relent so knowing that my excuses were really just excuses, I agreed. We would text each other each morning a summary of our time with God and over the first 60 days I only missed one day. I didn’t think it was possible to do it everyday, but it was and it is. We continued this accountability for almost six months and the power of developing a habit has stuck with me. I began converting my devotions to email and began sending it daily to a few friends and family. A couple of these friends encouraged me to create a blog. About the same time, Jeff preached a sermon about faithfulness in using our spiritual gifts to serve others. The gift of teaching has always been a gift for me that I was not using apart from my small email following. So I felt compelled to convert my devotions into a blog format.